Animal Feed

animal-feedAn integral part of our business during the year is being part of Denn Feeds. Based in Cappoquinn, Waterford. Denn feeds have formulated an excellent range of feeds to suit the needs of beef, dairy, sheep and horse enterprises which are available in cube or ration form. These feeds are available in bag form in our store in Midleton. We also supply an extensive range of Grennan feeds which are supplied in nugget ration form or in acorn cubed form.


Both Denn Feeds and Grennans use only the very highest quality, fully balanced feedstuffs for calves, beef, dairy, sheep and horses. The ranges are supported by our technical nutritional support team which will advise you on the best mix to suit your needs. However, if there is a mix you would like specifically made this can be formulated also. At AMAC we have absolute confidence in their ability to deliver high performance consistently.


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